RFID For Library Management


1. Why RFID for library?

What benefits RFID brings to library:
  • Reduce obstacle with technology
  • Improve books&documents stock visibility
  • Reduce labour cost
  • Improve the shelving speed and simplify self check-in/check-out
  • Accuracy of circulation and shelving functions
  • Theft prevention
  • Improve visitor experience



2. Hot-sell Library tag


50*50mm Library Tag

HF-Protocol:ISO15693 13.56MHz
Antenna size:45*45mm
Ideal for library application

80*50mm Library Tag

HF-Protocol:ISO15693 13.56MHz
Antenna size:76*45mm
Ideal for library application

125*7mm Library Tag

Antenna size:95*3mm

100*10mm LED Library Tag

Antenna size:95*3mm


OSRFID could provide a complete range of tags for item tracking and data capture including both HF&UHF Library tags which are suitable for all media like books, documents, files,CDs, DVDs. These Library Tags OSRFID developed are special designed for books, documents and files, and enable efficient tracking and monitoring of these items. The antenna inside the tags are optimized to get a perfect performance when the tags are applied in books, documents, files, etc.





3. Why Choose OSRFID?

  • Provide over 200 Millions RFID Library Tags each year
  • Offer custom designs of RFID library Tags on demand
  • Over 20 years RFID Industry experience with in
  • House strong R&D Capabilities
  • Well Equipped 6000 SQM Dust-free Workshop
  • Professional RFID Label Solutions Brand






4. Applications of library tag


Nowadays,RFID is commonly used in libraries worldwide. More and more libraries and publishers announced their intent to integrate RFID technology.It can help automate complexity and unleash the library full potential.

RFID for library is a technology which replaces barcodes for item level tracking. Compared to barcodes, RFID can speed the process of multiple items without line of sight and provides item-leven security.

There are 2 frequency bands for RFID tags-UHF and HF. HF frequency band is 13.56MHz with ISO 15693 protocol with less than 1M read range which allows for accurate item processing. UHF frequency band which also known as RAINRFID is 860-960MHz. UHF tags read range can be up to 8 meters which allows fast inventory tracking. You can choose UHF or HF based on the requirement.

2.How RFID Library works?

RFID Library System will include tags, readers& software.

Books are tagged with OSRFID library tags. When library tags come near to the reader, it will provide power to the library tags to get the data from the RFID tags to enable a automotive checking in&out or inventory tracking on shelves. When an item passed the gate reader, it will be alerted whether it has been checked out.


















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