In recent years, with the development of society and the advancement of science and technology, in the application of book management, people who pursue efficiency and cost are no longer satisfied with using barcode technology, and RFID book management is born.

The accuracy and efficiency of RFID is much higher than that of bar code technology. The use of RFID can automatically complete the borrowing and returning of books, and both library managers and borrowers can save many unnecessary manual operations, including many kinds of books. Self-checkout and automatic book return services are also easy to implement.


File management

The characteristics of RFID make the management of files more efficient and easy, and reduce the chance of loss. Files using RFID book tags are not only easy to track, but also more convenient for managers to find. Taking the RFID file light-on-object tag as an example, with the reminder method of lighting up LEDs, etc., we can quickly get the important files we need, which greatly improves the efficiency of file screening.

UHF LED Lighting Tag

"The LED Lightning Tag is a passive UHF tag with a green LED light that is activated by the energy from a UHF reader to quickly locate items," says Vincent Song. "The tag is used in inventory management in libraries and archives, as well as for locating cable bundles and packages." The green LED light of a tag is visible from up to two meters. Depending on the application, the tag is available in 3x95mm and 11x41mm sizes. The size can be personalized upon customer request. Contact the experts at OSRFID and learn more about the new products!

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