RFID For Retail Management

Retail management covers a wide range of industry applications, among which clothing and footwear, cosmetics, jewelry, tobacco and alcohol have widely deployed RFID technology. As a professional RFID label manufacturer, OSRFID provides professional RFID label solutions in these fields.

The application of RFID technology in the clothing industry, RFID technology is ubiquitous in our lives, and now, many clothing companies use RFID technology, such as Decathlon, Uniqlo, Hailan Home, etc.
Taking Decathlon as an example, Decathlon set up its own RFID company, Embisphere, in 2010. At present, about 85% of products are marked with RFID tags. In addition to being applied to inventory and supply chain management, Decathlon has also realized batch cashiers in stores. , reduce the queuing time of consumers and improve the experience. Jean-Marc Lieby, head of the Decathlon RFID project, said that RFID technology has improved the efficiency of inventory by 5 times and reduced the loss rate of goods by about 10%.

The problems encountered by the cosmetics industry With the development and change of the economic situation, many uncertain factors have arisen, which have affected the changes in the decision-making behavior of cosmetics consumers. The changes in business models have prompted the entire industry to need products, channels, marketing and other aspects. Carrying out three-dimensional innovation has caused many problems that need to be concerned by cosmetic companies. First of all, cosmetics companies need to quickly grasp marketing information in real time. The biggest feature of the cosmetics industry is that there are many types and models of products, such as lipstick. A brand of lipstick will have several series, dozens of colors, and so many categories. Information, even if the production and supply are adjusted, the products that are easy to sell will inevitably be out of stock, and the products that are not easy to sell will be unsalable, resulting in losses. And due to the rapid changes in fashion trends, consumer preferences are also changing at any time, so manufacturers especially need to quickly and timely grasp the sales information of different regions and different sales points. Therefore, the introduction of RFID technology in the cosmetics industry is also the general trend.


Introduce RFID technology into jewelry management, affix RFID labels to jewelry, and use inventory equipment installed on the counter to monitor, control and track labeled products to achieve rapid inventory, real-time tracking and sales management intelligence. In this way, the in-out and sales process of commodity products can be tracked and recorded in an all-round way, and the cumbersome and inefficient manual management and barcode scanning mode are replaced with new automated and accurate and efficient methods. Jewelry labels are RFID labels, each label has a unique ID number, and the label records the warehouse, cargo area, shelf and other commodity information on the national inspection certificate.
























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