With the continuous improvement of medical level and the continuous progress of medical technology, expensive consumables in medical consumables are widely used. However, due to the low informatization of traditional management, inquiry and tracking are very difficult, there is no corresponding management department, and there is no effective supervision of procurement, warehousing and export. These management measures can no longer meet the requirements of the hospital. Due to the price of high-value consumables and the particularity of application scenarios, the use of RFID radio frequency identification technology can well solve this series of problems.
Smart Medical

RFID tags can be applied to medical consumables such as medicines, blood bags, medical wrist bands, medical reagent test tubes, etc.

New Sensor Tags for ULT Applications

ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) refrigerators are used for the storage of plasma, biological material, vaccines, and blood serum at temperatures of around -80°C. The stored materials are extremely sensitive to temperature. Vaccines, for example, become unusable if temperature control is inadequate.
"OSRFID's goal is to design RFID solutions for cold chain monitoring of blood bags and vaccines," explains Vincent Song, General Manager, OSRFID. "Currently, sensor tags are being developed using the NXP NTag 22X DNA chip. We hope to achieve a breakthrough for RFID applications in cold chain monitoring in retail and healthcare with the new tags.

UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag

"The UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag is a semi-passive temperature logger," explains Vincent Song, General Manager, OSRFID. "The tag is suitable for monitoring temperature-sensitive products such as food, pharmaceuticals, wine and the like during transportation and storage.

The UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag measures temperatures from -35°C to +50°C with a measurement accuracy of 0.5°C. The reading range is 1-10 meters depending on the reader. The tag has a battery with a service life of six months.

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