OSRFID is a provider of RIFD Inlay&Label solutions with a focus on the development and manufacturing of soft HF/NFC/UHF tags.

Since the structure of the antenna (as well as the type of chip) is a deciding factor in the performance of the tag, we present the product using the antenna diagram of the tag. Antenna wireforms and requirements vary depending on the application. Customization is possible for the label's outer pattern's design and printing.

Please refer to the article on label selection recommendations if you are unsure how to choose a label. You can also request a sample of the product from one of our RFID experts, who will design the RFID tag that best fits your application.


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    Applications: Jewellery / Pharmaceuticals / Food / Access Control
    Product OS9613-H3
    ANTENNA SIZE(mm) 9*12mm
    Chip H3
    Real Range (FCC) 8m
    EPC Memory 128Bits/96Bits
    TID Memory 96Bits
    IC Life 100,000 programing cycles/50 years data retention
    RFID UHF Tag/Label and Inlay

    RFID 9613 H3 Tag For Food Packages

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OSRFID is a 20-year-old Chinese manufacturer specializing in RFID inlay and label R&D. Our factory supplies goods to numerous Chinese domestic businesses engaged in international trade.
We use Muehlbauer DDA-40K-WF to produce inlay, that can provide clients with high sensitivity and high quality products. OSRFID has 20 years of industry experience and can provide customized inlays for a variety of application scenarios.
We recommend that you download our product list document to explore more labels for your application scenario needs.
If you want to discover the suitable inlay&label quickly, the product recommendations in the following articles can help.

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