RFID Tags For Cold Chain Management

1、Why use RFID in cold chain transportation? 01. Temperature Monitoring: RFID tags with temperature sensors track temperature changes for perishable goods, maintaining the required conditions. 


RFID Clothing Tags Solutions

OSRFID offers a full range of customised RFID Clothing Tags Solution, which covers the entire chain from production to supply management, to end sales management


RFID For Retail Management​

1. Why RFID for Retail Industry? 01. Inventory management: RFID allows for precise, real-time inventory tracking. Retailers can count and locate products quickly and effectively,


RFID Tag for Car solutions

The advantage of RFID technology is that it will become the main means of future traffic information collection and supervision by virtue of its real-time


RFID Tag For Library Management

I. Why RFID for library? – What benefits RFID brings to library: – Reduce obstacle with technology – Improve books&documents stock visibility – Reduce labour


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