RFID Tag for Car solutions

The advantage of RFID technology is that it will become the main means of future traffic information collection and supervision by virtue of its real-time and accurate rapid identification of high-speed moving targets. 

Application of car windshield labels

RFID windshield tags can be used to track vehicles and control vehicle entry and exit. The RFID windshield tag is attached to the gap around the outer casing. The tag is resistant to infrared and ultraviolet rays. It is used on the windshield and has a read range of up to 10 meters. The surface of the label is covered with a waterproof film, which can be printed, and has good performance in reading and storage. It can be used in the fields of vehicle entry and exit, barrier-free entry and exit passages for people, highway tolls, parking lot entry and exit, and access control. It can also be used in civilian applications. and military defense projects.

OSRFID windshield inlay & label solutions available:



Application of car tire labels 

On July 1, 2016, four industry standards of “Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Electronic Labels for Tires” approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology were officially implemented, marking the beginning of the fast lane for the application of RFID technology to tire products.
The RFID tag device is a non-contact automatic identification electronic tag with a unique identification code. RFID electronic tags for rubber tires are composed of passive chips, substrates, and spring-like antennas.
The RFID electronic tag is implanted inside the tire, and the chip records the tire serial number, production date, factory code and other information. With the use of electronic tags, tires will become smarter. 

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