RFID Tag For Jewelry Management​

1. Why RFID for Jewelry?

What benefits RFID brings to jewelry industry:

1. Increase accuracy, efficiency and traceability
2. Real-time stock visibility of jewelry
3. Quick and efficient stock counting
4. Improve customer shopping experience
5. Greater security for precious jewelry items
6. Jewelry store robbery and theft prevention
7. Optimize labor and process

2. Hot-sell Jewelry Tag

68*26mm RFID Fragile Tag

Antenna size:68*26mm

13*30mm RFID Jewelry Label

Antenna size:10*27mm
Ideal for jewelry application

86*34mm NFC Jewelry Tag

Antenna size:62*11mm
Ideal for jewelry application

95*3mm RFID LED Tag

Antenna size:95*3mm

OSRFID could provide a complete range of jewelry tags for item tracking and data capture which are suitable for all luxuries like jewelry, watches, glasses.

These jewelry Tags OSRFID developed are special designed for jewelry,watches,glasses and enable efficient tracking and monitoring of these items.

The antennas inside the tags are optimized to get a perfect performance when the tags are applied to jewelry,watches,glasses.

We could also customize your label size&design on demand by our strong R&D team.

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OSRFID is a Chinese manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the RFID industry, specializing in R&D of RFID inlays and tags. Our RFID labels have been exported to the world.

To explore more about our products, please download the lists below or contact us.

Why Choose OSRFID?

  • OSRFID is one of the largest RFID inlay&label manufacturers in China
  • OSRFID has a production capacity of one billion inlays per year
  • OSRFID use the Mühlbauer DDA 40K WF to produce the RFID inlay
  • OSRFID use the Voyantic Tagformance to test RFID inlay and label
  • OSRFID can produce the eco-friendly RFID products.
  • OSRFID has the strong chips supply chain, main RFID chips brands are our strategic partners.
  • In addition, we can provide the euivalent/alternative chips to solve the chip shortage problem
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5. The Applications For Jewelry

UHF tags are widely used for jewelry inventory management. Tailed tags are typically attached to jewelry, while tailless tags are affixed to jewelry boxes.

NFC jewelry tags enable customers to seamlessly access jewelry information using their NFC-enabled smartphones, fostering brand engagement and marketing opportunities.

We offer 20 standard tag types. Download our RFID jewelry tag recommendation list to explore our comprehensive range.

Customised Jewelry labels for Different Demands

(1). RFID Fragile Jewelry Label

Conventional RFID labels lack tamper-proof technology, leaving antennas intact even when the label is torn, posing a theft risk. Our breakable jewelry labels, however, render the antenna unusable upon tampering, effectively deterring theft attempts.

We support to customize kinds of fragile effects on labels.

(2). Chip at the tail of Label

Strategic chip placement in the label’s tail ensures that cutting the label tail also severs the chip’s main antenna, effectively deterring theft.

(3). RFID LED Jewelry Label

Our LED jewelry labels simplify stocktaking, especially for high-value or unique pieces. Their glowing LEDs make jewelry easy to spot, even in dimly lit areas.

For enhanced efficiency, equip readers with sound-based detection software. As the reader emits a signal, the LED tag lights up, and the reader emits a beep. The closer you are, the louder the beep. Dual visual and auditory cues ensure precise jewelry location.

Choose from our two LED jewelry label styles: with or without tails.

(4). RFID Hangtag for Jewelry

Elevate your brand with premium jewelry tags.

Craft larger, more substantial tags that resemble hangtags, ideal for high-end jewelry brands seeking sophisticated packaging. Print intricate designs and extensive text, catering to discerning clientele. Supports a range of printing techniques, including thermal transfer and laser etching.

6. Customization Services for RFID Jewelry Labels

OSRFID is a leading provider of RFID label solutions in China, with 20 years of RFID R&D experience and own factory. We offer customized RFID jewellery label services, not limited to the following:
  1. • ISO support for jewelry tags: ISO 15693, ISO 18000-6C

  2. • Customizable chip models: Impinj-M6/MR6P, Impinj M730/M750, NXP-UCODE 8/9, Qstar 73GB, Alien-H3/H4/EC/H9, NXP ICODE SLIX, ST25TV02K, etc.

  3. • Customizable tag frequency: customizable ETSI(European frequency), FCC(American frequency),HF, NFC, UHF

  4. • Customizable tag shape: circular, square, rectangular, dog bone, strip, etc. • Customizable Inlay shape: different Inlay shapes can affect RF performance, please consult RFID experts to get answers.

  5. • Customizable materials: PET (polyester film), PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PP (polypropylene), Paper

  6. • Customizable adhesives: acrylic emulsion, hot melt adhesive, coating adhesive, adhesive coating

  7. • Customizable printing patterns and colors on the tag surface

  8. • Customizable printing techniques: thermal transfer printing, digital printing, inkjet printing, laser printing, position printing

  9. • Other customizable additional functions: Barcodes, variable data, serialization, etc.

  11. Want to learn more about our customized RFID jewelry label services? Please contact our RFID experts.


7. Applications of jewelry tag


RFID technology has been using in the jewelry industry over years and its demand keeps growing.

Nowadays, the jewelry industry is growing rapidly, maintaining and tracking jewelry stock becomes more and more complex .RFID technology can help it to improve efficiency and visibility. More and more jewelers and retailers announced their intent to integrate RFID technology. It can save time, labour costs and minimize losts.

RFID for jewelry is a technology which replaces barcode for item level tracking. Compared to barcode, RFID can speed the process of multiple items without line of sight and provides item-level security.

02.How RFID works in Jewelry management?

RFID jewelry System will include RFID tags, hardware & software. You will need a system provider if you don’t have a ready system.

Each jewelry tagged by jewelry labels; With a handheld reader, employee can finish regular inventory counts in a few minutes and upload all the datas to the cloud. With RFID, Jewelry brands can reduce human efforts and errors to achieve efficiency and improve customer experience.

Jewelry RFID Smart Tray is one of the popular hardwares of jewelry manangement. It is wireless and comes with a built-in RFID reader and antenna. Jewelries are tagged with OSRFID jewelry tags, when jewelries are on the tray, it can automatically read details about each jewelry item. Clients can get each jewelry item from the tray to try it on, then return it to the tray. Whole process is visible to the reader and uploaded to the jeweler analytics dashboard. 

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