RFID Anti-Counterfeit&Package authentication Solutions

The RFID tamper proof label utilizes speciallv designed fragile paper and tamper-transfer adhesive. The label’s antenna removes the PET laver, achieving a tamper-proof effect that prevents the REID Fragile Label from being peeled off after application. Once affixed to an item, the antenna breaks upon removal, thus serving as an anti-counterfeit measure. This label is primarily applied in sectors requiring anticounterfeiting and traceability, such as luxury items, tobacco, and premium alcohol.

OSRFID provides RFID inlay and label customised service solutions for various applications, including book field, medical field, cold chain transportation, retail field, logistics and warehousing, Our 6000 SQM Dust-free Workshop is equipped with advanced German Mühlbauer DDA40KWF machines, Voyantic Tagformance testers and etc,.. Provide one-stop solution from designing, bounding, converting to customised production of specific customised labels in open mould, your customised samples will be completed in as fast as 5 days and sent to you within 1-3 days. 

  • ● Advanced equipment and cost-effective price
  • ● More than 20 years experience in RFID label customisation
  • ● FSC and RAIN RFID certified company
  • ● Customised labels in as little as 3 days
  • ● Instant customised label quotes
  • ● 24/7 Engineering Support

Our strong customised label services

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Our strong customised label services

RFID Fragile Label Inlay Processing

Using German Mühlbauer DDA40KWF to process RFID inlay, with a capacity of 7,000 pieces per hour, lower cost and more stable performance.

RFID Fragile Label Processing

RFID fragile label converting processing, support a variety of process printing, different types of flexible knife cutting and shaping.

Common types of RFID fragile labels

UHF Full Tamper Evident Tag

This tag is characterised by the fact that it is difficult to tear off and the torn part is presented in small pieces.

Recommended Tag Parameters
Chip: M4QT
Label Size:54*34mm
Antenna Size:50*30mm
Application:Apparel / Logistics

RFID UHF Partial Tamper Evident Tag

Easy to be torn off, and the broken place is relatively neat, all show localised brokenness

Recommended Tag Parameters
Chip: M4E
Label Size:73*20mm
Antenna Size:70*17mm
Application:Retail / Asset

RFID UHF Loop Tamper-Evident Tag

Easy to be torn off, manifested as the antenna part is directly torn section into two halves.

Recommended Tag Parameters
Chip: Qstar73GB
Label Size:73*20mm
Antenna Size:70*15mm
Application:Asset / Goods

RFID HF Bridge Tamper Evident Tag

Easily torn down, manifested as the antenna bridging part is torn down

Recommended Tag Parameters
Chip: Ntag213
Label Size:30mm
Antenna Size:27m
Application:NFC / Warehouse

RFID HF Metal-Resistant Tamper Evident Tag

HF anti-metal labels, can also make the characteristics of fragile labels, to play the role of anti-counterfeiting

Recommended Tag Parameters
Chip: FM11RF08
Label Size:38*25mm
Antenna Size:32*15mm
Application:NFC / Metal Objects

Fragile Label Application

RFID technology for brand protection

Clothing Anti-counterfeit

Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting

Express Package Authentication

Food Anti-counterfeiting

Why Choose Us for Custom RFID Labels Service

Turning your concepts into reality with outstanding one-stop service, OSRFID has strong and efficient manufacturing capability to produce both generic labels as well as customised labels for specific customers. All of our products comply with strict international RFID protocols and quality standards, making us the leading provider of customised RFID solutions in China.

Economical Price & Perfect Quality

With the same quality, we can offer you the lowest price. With strict control of Inlay processing and face printing quality, what you get is what you design.


More than 20 years of experience in RFID tag customisation to provide you with the most professional and effective advice. From sample testing to design and mass production, OSRFID combines high quality materials with state-of-the-art technology. We combine this with highly skilled and experienced technicians working around the clock to ensure optimum product quality.

Fast Lead Time

Not only do we have a digital CNC machining services platform that provides a faster ordering process, but we also own domestic workshops and state-of-the-art machinery to accelerate the production of your samples or mass production.

24/7 Engineering Support

No matter where you are, you can get our 24/7 engineering support all year around. Our experienced engineer can provide you with the most appropriate solution for your sample design, material selection, surface finishing options, and even lead time.

Processing Equipment For Custom RFID Fragile Labels

6000 SQM Dust-free Workshop

Inlay Bonding Machine

Label Converting Machine

RFID Test Darkroom

Complete Inspection Machine

Flat Die-cutting Machine

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