RFID ECO Tags For Sustainability​

I. Why choose the RFID ECO Tag 

A.From an environmental perspective:

1. ECO materials are sustainable and renewable. RFID ECO tag can be thrown into the recyclable trash bin without affecting landfill waste.

2. By volume, 1 million RFID ECO tags can reduce 1,600 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent.

3. Compared with traditional etched AL/PET tags, 1 million ECO tags can save 163 kilograms of plastic (PET)
B.From a product perspective:
  • 1. RFID ECO tag uses environmentally friendly materials, using recycled paper instead of harmful PET materials in traditional tags.
  • 2. The performance of the printed antenna of RFID ECO tag is excellent, reaching 90-95% of etched aluminum performance.
  • 3. RFID ECO tag has a new feature that the tag can be embedded in the packaging, non-transferable, and destroyed when torn off.
  • 4. It can be widely used in various industries such as retail, logistics, clothing, and healthcare.  

II. Hot-sell RFID ECO Tags


HF-Protocol:ISO15693 13.56MHz
Antenna size: 27mm
Chip: F021

42*16mm RFID ECO Tag

Antenna size:42*16mm
Chip: H10

70*15mm UHF ECO Tag

Antenna size:70*15mm
Chip: UCODE 8

III. Application for ECO RFID paper labels:

  1. 01. Retail – used on common retail products. It is a good choice for retailers who are seeking sustainable solutions for their retail business.
  2. 02. Logistics – Eco-Friendly RFID and NFC tags can solve the challenges in green logistics.
  3. 03. Clothing – Traditional RFID clothing tags use PET that is not recycled waste. ECO tag can be recycled with hangtags, making it an ideal solution for eco-friendly clothing tags.
  4. 04. Healthcare – RFID ECO tags can be used in place of traditional RFID medicine tags that are attached to the outside of medicine boxes. Because RFID ECO tags are non-transferable, they will be damaged when removed, acting as an anti-counterfeiting measure and effectively preventing the circulation of counterfeit drugs.
  5. 05. Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management – It can be used for a wide range of applications, from tracking inventory in retail stores to managing assets in warehouses or manufacturing facilities.
  6. 06. Smart Packaging – RFID ECO tag can record information on the outer packaging of smart packages, facilitating logistics management. When consumers remove the paper packaging, the RFID ECO Tag can be thrown into the recyclable trash bin with the paper packaging. Smart packaging provides integrated RFID technology, enabling you to track, trace, and prevent tampering with your products and packaging throughout the supply chain.

IV. Craft and Structure of Paper Antenna:

A. Tag Structure

01. The RFID ECO tag has a tag structure that is different from traditional RFID tags. The RFID ECO tag has only 4 layers, which are: Face paper, Antenna + Chip, Adhesive, and Release liner. The difference between RFID ECO TAG and traditional RFID tags can be seen from the following diagram:
Number of Layers7 Layers4 Layers
Layers01.Face paper
03.Antenna + Chip
07.Release liner
01.Face paper
02.Antenna + Chip
04.Release liner
MaterialsAluminum etchedArt paper
Environmentally friendlyNoYes
Pollution during productionYesNone Pollution
WeightHeavier than ECO tagLighter
Tag CharacteristicsCannot be easily torn by handEasily torn by hand
02. Why the RFID ECO tag is environmentally friendly?
The reason is that the inlay layer of traditional RFID tags is made of Al\PET material using aluminum etching technology, and the non-degradability of this material has caused significant environmental problems, causing a lot of trouble for the world’s environment.
  1. OSRFID uses 100% sustainable and renewable paper to produce RFID ECO tag, without PET layer and harmful chemicals, making RFID tag a completely recyclable solution.
B. Tag Craft
1. We can provide suitable tag adhesives according to your application scenario.
2. The tag has various sizes and customizable antenna designs. Different combinations of chips and antenna designs have been developed to produce different paper tags for different usage scenarios.
3. The tag does not contain any chemical components that cause secondary pollution throughout the production process. The finished product does not contain plastic.
4. Using specialized printing technology, waste can be minimized and the energy used in production can be reduced to the maximum extent. This process also ensures that RFID ECO tag has high quality and high consistency, ensuring easy reading by RFID readers, thereby ensuring accurate inventory tracking and management.
V. Why Choose OSRFID?

1. OSRFID is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in RFID tag development and can provide customers with customized RFID tag solutions, including sustainable RFID solutions.

2. OSRFID uses the most advanced Newbont machines to process inlays and can produce paper inlays for paper tags, which can effectively ensure the stability of inlay production.

3. OSRFID is a sustainable development-oriented RFID leader, focusing on SUSTAINABLE ECO RFID tag TECHNOLOGY, aiming to protect the earth with the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. We always keep up with the latest trends in the industry and lead the way in the transformation of the RFID field towards sustainable development. We strive to provide customers with a practical and effective green and responsible solution.

In summary

RFID ECO tag developed by OSRFID is environmentally friendly and harmless, from production technology to materials used. It is a 100% environmentally friendly RFID ECO tag.

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