RFID Clothing Tags Solutions

OSRFID offers a full range of customised RFID Clothing Tags Solution, which covers the entire chain from production to supply management, to end sales management in the apparel industry, as well as textile product laundry management.

OSRFID provides RFID inlay and label customised service solutions for various applications, including book field, medical field, cold chain transportation, retail field, logistics and warehousing, Our 6000 SQM Dust-free Workshop is equipped with advanced German Mühlbauer DDA40KWF machines, Voyantic Tagformance testers and etc,.. Provide one-stop solution from designing, bounding, converting to customised production of specific customised labels in open mould, your customised samples will be completed in as fast as 5 days and sent to you within 1-3 days.

1. Why RFID in Clothings Industry?

  • -RFID can track clothes in real time, improving efficiency and preventing loss.
  • -RFID can automate inventory checks and sorting, saving time and labor costs.
  • -RFID can track the progress of shipments, ensuring deliveries are made on time and in good condition.
  • -RFID tags can deter theft and counterfeiting.
  • -RFID can provide customers with information about products, improving the shopping experience.

2. RFID Tags For Clothings Applications

RFID Tags For Apparel Warehouse

UHF-Frequency: 860-960MHz
Antenna size:30*50mm
Ideal for garment management

RFID Hangtag for Clothings

Chip: NXP UCODE8/9
Antenna size:14*70mm
Ideal for Garment Hangtag

RFID Care Label

Label size: 110*50mm
Ideal for Apparel Retail 

RFID Laundry Tag

Ideal for linens

OSRFID offers a complete range of RFID labels tailored for the clothing industry, including HF/NFC and UHF garment tags and EAS Tag suitable for all textile products such as clothing, footwear, bags, and accessories. From supply chain management at the manufacturer’s end to inventory counting at the retail level, RFID tags effectively track and monitor these items. The antenna design within the tags can be customized to match your logo, ensuring optimal RFID performance while enhancing your brand value.

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OSRFID is a Chinese manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in the RFID industry, specializing in R&D of RFID inlays and tags. Our RFID labels have been exported to the world.

To explore more about our products, please download the lists below or contact us.

Why Choose OSRFID?

  • OSRFID is one of the largest RFID inlay&label manufacturers in China
  • OSRFID has a production capacity of one billion inlays per year
  • OSRFID use the Mühlbauer DDA 40K WF to produce the RFID inlay
  • OSRFID use the Voyantic Tagformance to test RFID inlay and label
  • OSRFID can produce the eco-friendly RFID products.
  • OSRFID has the strong chips supply chain, main RFID chips brands are our strategic partners.
  • In addition, we can provide the euivalent/alternative chips to solve the chip shortage problem
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3. The Most Common Types of Clothing Labels

(1). RFID Hang Tags

Clothing items, including clothes, hats, bags, and shoes, often come with hang tags. Traditional hang tags feature printed barcodes or QR codes, which are not efficient for rapid and accurate inventory management, especially in crowded warehouses.

By embedding RFID technology in hang tags, this problem can be effectively solved. RFID hang tags also help prevent counterfeit products and theft in retail stores. To address the environmental concerns associated with clothing consumption, we have developed 100% eco-friendly paper-based antennas for RFID hang tags. We support various printing techniques for RFID hang tags.
Recommended product: OS1470-U9

(2) Care Labels

Care labels, also known as wash labels, are typically found on the inside of clothing, shoes, and hats. These labels provide care instructions for the garment. Wash labels are usually made of polyester fabric.

When RFID technology is integrated into the care labels, it enables fast inventory tracking and tracing.
Recommended product: OS4015-U8

NFC Label for Apparel

To promote brand marketing, anti-counterfeit branding, etc., Uniqlo or other big brands sewn NFC tags on woven labels, easily readable by phones.

(3) *LED RFID Hangtag

This innovative RFID garment tag features a built-in LED light. RFID technology combined with LED lighting effect can greatly improve the efficiency of garment inventory management.

(4). RFID&EAS Label

RFID garment tags are implanted with EAS in it, so it can have a double anti-theft effect. EAS technology is used for anti-theft, and RFID technology is used for identify and tracking items.

EAS labels can act as a first line of defence, when an item with an EAS label passes through a security door, an alarm signal will be triggered if the label is removed. We can supply EAS Inlay or labels for you.

Recommended product: OS6535-U8

4. Laundry Labels for the Cleaning Industry

Certain garments and fabrics require specific cleaning procedures, such as hospital linens (gowns, nurse uniforms, bedding, etc.) and high-end garment cleaning services. These garments go through high temperatures and special treatments. Hence, they require specific laundry labels.

This tag is designed based on steel wire,fabric base material, small size, great reading rate and perfect reading distance reaching 5 meters.Up to 200 wash or dry cleaning cycles for use in anyhospital,hotel, SPA, retirement home, sports club and linen RFID laundry management application.

Recommended product: OSL7015

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