RFID Flag Tag For Retail OS1835-U9

Applications: Retail / Liquid Tube / Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

The most important feature of an RFID flag tag is that it is not totally adhered to the object’s surface. One half of the tag stands on the object’s surface like a small flag. This tag performs similarly to a metal-resistant tag, and its RF function is unaffected by metal substances. Therefore, RFID flag tags can be used in a variety of applications.

Why Choose OSRFID?

  • OSRFID is one of the largest RFID inlay&label manufacturers in China
  • OSRFID has a production capacity of one billion inlays per year
  • OSRFID use the Mühlbauer DDA 40K WF to produce the RFID inlay
  • OSRFID use the Voyantic Tagformance to test RFID inlay and label
  • OSRFID can produce the eco-friendly RFID products.
  • OSRFID has the strong chips supply chain, main RFID chips brands are our strategic partners.
  • In addition, we can provide the euivalent/alternative chips to solve the chip shortage problem
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