RFID Labels Solution for High-Value Medical Supplies

As medical technology advances, hospitals struggle to manage their growing inventory of high-value supplies. Traditional methods lack efficiency, accurate tracking, and generate high costs. RFID technology offers a powerful solution. Its data collection and identification capabilities enable intelligent management of the entire medical supply chain, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Classification of High-Value Medical Supplies …

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RFID Anti-Counterfeit&Package authentication Solutions

The RFID tamper proof label utilizes speciallv designed fragile paper and tamper-transfer adhesive. The label’s antenna removes the PET laver, achieving a tamper-proof effect that prevents the REID Fragile Label from being peeled off after application. Once affixed to an item, the antenna breaks upon removal, thus serving as an anti-counterfeit measure. This label is …

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RFID Tags For Cold Chain Management

1、Why use RFID in cold chain transportation? 01. Temperature Monitoring: RFID tags with temperature sensors track temperature changes for perishable goods, maintaining the required conditions.  02. Data Accuracy and Traceability: RFID tags store and transmit product information, improving identification, traceability, and compliance. 03. Process Automation: RFID automates inventory management, product authentication, and quality control in …

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RFID For Retail Management​

1. Why RFID for Retail Industry? 01. Inventory management: RFID allows for precise, real-time inventory tracking. Retailers can count and locate products quickly and effectively, eliminate stockouts and overstock, optimize inventory levels, and increase overall supply chain visibility. 02. Loss prevention and product authentication: Because each RFID tag has a unique ID code, businesses can …

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RFID ECO Tags For Sustainability​

I. Why choose the RFID ECO Tag ?  A.From an environmental perspective: 1. ECO materials are sustainable and renewable. RFID ECO tag can be thrown into the recyclable trash bin without affecting landfill waste. 2. By volume, 1 million RFID ECO tags can reduce 1,600 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent. 3. Compared with traditional etched AL/PET tags, 1 million …

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