RFID Temperature Sensor Tags: A Game-Changer for the Cold Chain Industry

At a glance:

Chemical supplies and frozen food are just two groups of products which need to be stored at specific cold temperatures at all times, and there are many more. Monitoring storage temperatures is key for cold chains. With RFID temperature sensor tags such as the one introduced by OSRFID, a glance at the app on the smartphone or on the computer is all it takes in order to know what the cold chain status is.

RFID in cold chain transportation

The case for using RFID sensor tags for cold chain monitoring is easily made. RFID tags with temperature sensors track temperature changes for perishable goods. If pre-defined limit values are reached, alarms will be triggered. Thus the required conditions can be maintained. The tags store and transmit product information, thereby improving identification, traceability, and compliance. The usual benefits of RFID tagging in terms of automated inventory management, product authentication, quality control and anti-counterfeiting also accrue. Chemical supplies, medical reagents and frozen and refrigerated foods can be transported in very good quality.

Features of the RFID Temperature Sensor

The RFID Temperature Sensor Tag is lightweight and has approximately the same size as a shipping label. It is less than 1mm thick. The chip is programmed with several presets including start time, temperature recording interval and limit temperature alarms. The temperature data can be stored offline in the chip or uploaded to the cloud. Multiple reading methods are possible, such as reading with a fixed reader, handheld reader or NFC-enabled cell phone scanning. Batteries can be customized to meet the lifetime of the product. Currently available tags have a temperature range of -30°C to +50°C. In the future, OSRFID will release tags with a wider range of temperature recording capabilities.

Supports Mobility

The RFID Temperature Sensor Tag supports mobile working in that all the temperature data can be uploaded to the mobile app. That way, temperature changes can be monitored at any time from anywhere. NFC-enabled smartphones can read the temperature data of an item by directly touching the temperature measurement tag. Data integration with the cloud is made to be easy.

Fully Customizable

Any and all specifications of this temperature sensor tag can be customized to suit the customer’s needs. The tag supports a variety of printing processes, custom images, QR code and barcode printing. The antenna can be designed into the shape of a logo; the chip can be customized for high frequency, UHF or dual frequency usage. Active, semi-active, and passive temperature tags can be customized. Other sensing capabilities can be added to the chip.


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