Passive tags and wireless charging technology can replace active tags.

Wireless power technology company Energous has recently signed partnerships with Thinaër and InnoTractor to deliver over-the-air charging technology as part of its Internet of Things-based inventory- and asset-management solutions.

Energous recently received regulatory approval in Japan to begin providing its RF-based wireless power system in that country, according to Cesar Johnston, Energous’s CEO. Labeling technology firm Sato has been demonstrating a shelf label-based management system using the Energous technology with Wiliot’s postage-stamp-sized IoT Pixel tags.

The company offers white-label versions of third-party sensors that can be used to identify an object, or to offer a host of sensor measurements.

“We want to help our customers show what products are ready to be shipped, what products are on their way and, if they are on their way, where [they are] and who is responsible for them.” Beyond that, the company’s mission is to build technology that identifies which products have arrived at their destination, with a proof of delivery

Wireless charging technology and conversion hardware can transmit electricity to passive labels across the space, allowing enterprises to replace high cost active labels with lower cost passive labels, reducing inventory management expenses and improving management efficiency.


OSRFID is a professional RFID inlay & label solution provider and manufacturer that offers and customizes dry/wet inlays, HF/UHF RFID labels. These products can be applied in logistics, retail, anti-counterfeiting, jewelry, clothing, medical care, transportation, archives, books, tickets, aviation and many other industries.

The company is well equipped with German Mühlbauer bonding machines, converting machines, Voyantic Tagformance & Tagsurance test equipment, and etc. to guarantee to provide high quality and consistent performance of RFID products to our customers.

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