Shanghai implements rfid electronic label license plate, take-out electric vehicles need to be installed mandatory

On February 26, 2021, the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress reviewed and voted to approve the “Regulations on the Safety Management of Non-motor Vehicles in Shanghai”, which will come into force on May 1, 2021. The number of electric bicycles in Shanghai has reached about 10 million, and the actual use is about 8 million, which are mainly used for daily transportation, takeaway, and express riders. This time, Shanghai’s legislation on the safety management of non-motor vehicles has strengthened the safety management requirements for the express delivery and takeaway industries. For electric bicycles used for express delivery, takeaway and other online appointment distribution activities, the regulations clearly stipulate that the special license plates issued by the public security organs must be used. Electric bicycles with special license plates are subject to safety and technical inspections every five years from the date of registration.

For special license plates, the corresponding innovative law enforcement methods in Shanghai are relatively mature. In the “Opinions on Further Reducing Road Traffic Accidents in the City” issued by the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government, it is clearly mentioned that 100% of the electric bicycles used in the city’s express delivery industry should be installed and applied “RFID electric bicycle intelligent management and control system” before the end of 2020. .

The special license plate issued by the Shanghai public security organ is actually an electronic license plate with an RFID tag. Electronic vehicle identification (EVI) is an application of the segmentation, extension and improvement of passive radio frequency identification (RFID) technology based on the Internet of Things. Its basic technical measures are: using the technical characteristics of RFID high-precision identification, high-accuracy collection, and high-sensitivity, an RFID tag license plate is installed on the motor vehicle, and the RFID electronic license plate is used as the carrier of vehicle information, and is installed by the vehicle. When the authorized RFID reader is in the road section, the data on the electronic license plate of each motor vehicle is collected or written to achieve the purpose of various comprehensive traffic management.

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