Weifang Changyi uses RFID tag technology to realize real-time management of city appearance in the air

With the development of society and the progress of science, the Internet of Things technology has entered a stage of rapid development, and the development of smart cities in my country has also entered a new stage.

Urban management is full of problems, from shop signs, roadside stalls to the appearance of the city, all of which are related to the improvement of the quality of the city. How to manage the city efficiently? Recently, Changyi City, relying on “Internet + comprehensive law enforcement” and big data, installed RFID tags with chips on store signs, and with the help of video surveillance and “high-altitude shouting” system, it has realized real-time management of city appearance from the air.

The supervision of store signs has always been a pain point for law enforcement officers, and now, as long as RFID tags are installed on store signs, law enforcement can be made more efficient and faster. The RFID tag can store information such as the date, material, sample, credit code and other information of the store, and can wirelessly transmit data with the ground handheld terminal device. During inspections, law enforcement officers can check the various data of the store sign at any time through the handheld device and the Chengguantong APP software, not only can they find out problems such as changes to the plaque, and issues such as prior approval before they are approved, but also know the time when the plaque is set up.

During daily patrols, law enforcement officers read the labels on the signs, and then verify the information. Once the relevant information is found to be inconsistent, they will issue a rectification notice or impose penalties. This undoubtedly reduces the burden on law enforcement officers, while making things more efficient and convenient.

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