OSRFID: 2022 On Track For Success With Several Milestones Reached

Production and Quality Improvement Achieved!

Chinese RFID inlays and tags specialist Dongguan OSRFID Technology Co, Ltd, or OSRFID, takes stock of its 2022 half-year results: New product launches have started, production and quality improvements have been achieved, and the company has also joined the RAIN Alliance. Vincent Song, General Manager, OSRFID comments on the milestones achieved in 2022.

OSRFID: Part of the RAIN RFID Alliance Since 2022

“OSRFID is a member of the RAIN RFID Alliance and strives to promote RAIN RFID technology and to provide customers with an enhanced understanding of RAIN RFID and our products,” explains Vincent Song. “This enables increased efficiency, reliability and inventory accuracy in our customers’ global supply chains.”

OSRFID’s RAIN RFID products are used in retail, logistics, automotive, transportation, archives, libraries and healthcare.

Production Capacities Expanded and Quality Control Improved

The product portfolio of includes various RFID tags, hang tags, textile tags, sensor tags and other tags customized to specific customer requirements. In 2022, the production capacity was increased to one billion tags per year and two new products were introduced to the market. OSRFID is focusing on more sustainable production with new equipment.

“With the procurement of the Mühlbauer DDA 40K WF, the production capacity has increased enormously. It is planned to use the new equipment for the production of more environmentally friendly RFID products,” comments Vincent Song.

A Positive Outlook for 2022 and Beyond

OSRFID looks back at several milestones achieved during the half-year review. Vincent Song is optimistic for 2022 and beyond: “The era of IoT is characterized by almost unlimited opportunities and challenges – it is an era where innovative leaders emerge. The goal is to establish sites worldwide and be a trusted label supplier to global partners within three years. We hope to increase our global reach with presence on the business platform Wireless IoT Search and to open a new chapter in the international market, leading the way to a fully connected world.”

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