OSRFID Introduces New Passive & Semi-Active RFID Tags

Market Launch of UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tags and UHF LED Lighting Tags!

China’s Dongguan OSRFID Technology Co, Ltd, or OSRFID, is expanding its product portfolio. The new UHF& NFC Dual Temperature Tags and the UHF LED Lighting Tags are the latest additions to the diverse range of RFID tags, hang tags, textile tags, sensor tags and specialty tags.

UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag

“The UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag is a semi-passive temperature logger,” explains Vincent Song, General Manager, OSRFID. “The tag is suitable for monitoring temperature-sensitive products such as food, pharmaceuticals, wine and the like during transportation and storage.

The UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag measures temperatures from -35°C to +50°C with a measurement accuracy of 0.5°C. The reading range is 1-10 meters depending on the reader. The tag has a battery with a service life of six months.

UHF LED Lighting Tag

“The LED Lightning Tag is a passive UHF tag with a green LED light that is activated by the energy from a UHF reader to quickly locate items,” says Vincent Song. “The tag is used in inventory management in libraries and archives, as well as for locating cable bundles and packages.”

The green LED light of a tag is visible from up to two meters. Depending on the application, the tag is available in 3x95mm and 11x41mm sizes. The size can be personalized upon customer request.

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