OSRFID Product Development Targets Global Markets

New Products Planned for Cold Chain Monitoring in Retail and Healthcare!

Chinese RFID inlay and tag specialist OSRFID is planning a new addition to its product portfolio. After launching the UHF & NFC Dual Temperature Tag and the LED Lighting Tag in 2022, the company aims to develop new tags for cold chain monitoring in retail and healthcare.

New Sensor Tags for ULT Applications

ULT (Ultra Low Temperature) refrigerators are used for the storage of plasma, biological material, vaccines, and blood serum at temperatures of around -80°C. The stored materials are extremely sensitive to temperature. Vaccines, for example, become unusable if temperature control is inadequate.
“OSRFID’s goal is to design RFID solutions for cold chain monitoring of blood bags and vaccines,” explains Vincent Song, General Manager, OSRFID. “Currently, sensor tags are being developed using the NXP NTag 22X DNA chip. We hope to achieve a breakthrough for RFID applications in cold chain monitoring in retail and healthcare with the new tags.

Objective: Global RFID Supplier

The development of the new sensor tags is part of the company’s strategy to provide customers worldwide with high-performance, high-quality RFID products.
“By applying the Auburn University RFID Lab’s ARC certification, OSRFID will improve its R&D, production control and quality control capabilities,” Vincent Song points out. “The plan is to establish sites around the world to better serve local markets within the next three years. OSRFID’s goal is to be a reliable label supplier for global partners.”

Development of New Markets Planned

OSRFID’s RFID products are used in retail, logistics, automotive, transportation, archives, libraries and healthcare. In addition to the development of sensor tags, the company is focused on entering new markets.
“With the expansion of RFID applications, markets such as smart packaging or smart home are becoming increasingly interesting,” explains Vincent Song. “OSRFID strives to provide customers with the appropriate RFID products for these and other applications.”

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