Guangdong Unicom opens the country’s first 5G SA commercial IoT

On December 19, Guangdong Unicom and Huawei launched the country’s first 5G SA commercial Internet of Things. Guangdong Unicom conducted 5G SA coverage signal test verification in Guangzhou, and got through the First Call of China Unicom’s first 5G SA commercial network.

China Information Industry Network pointed out that the commercial deployment of the 5G cloud-based core network is based on a regional architecture. Guangdong Unicom’s 5G SA commercial network data First Call uplink rate is 300Mbps, which is 2.4 times the NSA uplink rate.

Through core network, wireless, transmission and other fields, support eMBB, 5G voice, 4/5G interoperability and other functions, and strive to achieve user-friendly trial commercial use before the end of the year.

5G introduces the ability to guarantee deterministic experience. Through large bandwidth and low latency, IoT services such as drone cruise, telemedicine, autonomous driving, and industrial intelligence are possible, bringing digital transformation opportunities to vertical industries.

Oasis IoT will increase investment in research and development, design RFID tags suitable for more industry applications, and help more enterprises to realize intelligent information management in the process of 5G digital upgrade.

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